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30. Mai. 2018 | Sing… ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh! And type like an “Egyptienne” with the new family member LD Moderne Slab. 09. Mär. 2018 | Yess! Yearbook of Type III is out! Watch out for our LD Moderne Antiqua type family! 16. Feb. 2018 | Hello. The Slab version is near release! The grotesque version is also coming soon … stay tuned! 04. Dez. 2017 | A slab version of the LD Moderne Antiqua is in the works. If you’re interested come back here to follow it’s progress. 27. Nov. 2017 | Next … the LD Grotesk type family is coming soon. Peek-a-aboo here! 27. Nov. 2017 | If you can’t wait … the link to the Portfolio PDF [19.5MB] is over here. 27. Nov. 2017 | Yeeesss!! Here comes the wyvern of a type project! The “LD Moderne Antiqua” had it’s roll out! For the seventies enthusiast … this is worth a glimpse. 26. Okt. 2017 | Oops. There is something terribly going wrong. Sorry for that. But we’re back soon. In the meantime you may take a look at my Twitter account, or head over to the Lazydogs Typefoundry website. Cheers.